Courses Available

Beginners Course Wintutor 2 weeks FREE
A free course that covers the fundamentals of using your computer. From getting started to using the mouse and keyboard.
Introduction to Computers MS Word 4 weeks $20.00
This is designed for those who have had NO contact with computers, beginning with the components of a computer and what they do. "This is a mouse. It controls your computer. It does not breed or leave droppings. It is initially difficult to control. This is the monitor...keyboard, floppy disk, hard-drive, desktop A drive, C drive, D drive, back space, delete" - and so the jargon of computing is gently introduced with plenty of help and hands-on experience.
Introduction to Computers 2 MS Word 4 weeks $20.00
Follow up from "Introduction to Computers". Goes deeper and elaborates on what you have learnt from the previous four weeks.
Word Processing 1, 2, 3, 4 MS Word 8 weeks each $35.00(each level)
We have several levels catering for 2003 to 2010: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. These courses go over material covered in the Introduction and (gently!) extend skills.
Christmas Mail & Gift Tags MS Word 4 weeks $20.00
You will create a Christmas letter and merge it with a prepared data source to personalise it to each recipient. Envelopes will be personalized and merged also, but this will vary depending on your own printer.
Desktop Publishing Microsoft Publisher 2003/2010 8 weeks $45.00
This course assumes you have completed Word Processing Two at least, and are comfortable with all the skills taught. It is about creating documents such as gift cards, calendars, brochures, newsletters, catalogues, fliers, banners, letterheads, certificates; in fact anything that combines text, pictures, graphics, frames, colours, textures, and gradients. The variations available are restricted only by your own imagination and artistic flare and judgement.
Digital Camera & Picture Enhancement Practical / Demo 6 weeks $35.00
This course covers some of the theory behind the effective use of your camera, and practical points re the purchase of a suitable camera, how to put your photos on the computer and organize them. (So you can find them again!)
Picture Enhancement introduces the skills which can be used in many available picture enhancement programmes. You can patch up your old photos, frame them, and add effects.
E-mail and Web Browsing   8 weeks $35.00
Outlook Express / Explorer / Windows Live Mail
Prerequisite is to have completed Word Processing Two. You will learn how to communicate with all your computer literate relatives; how to find the latest infor on your favourite interests; find pictures and articales about any topic you can think of. This is as good as any encyclopedia or reference library.
Genealogy PAF 5 8 weeks $35.00
For those who have some computer skills, are keen to investigate their Family Tree, unlock the skeletons, and print it all out in a professional manner, with your old photographs, this is for you. You need to have completed the E-mail and Web Browsing course before you tackle this one.
Intro to Microsoft Paint Windows 2 weeks $12.00
This course is not an art lessons in painting, but to show how the programme (which everyone has in their computer) can be used to make letterheads, quilt or graphical patterns, graph paper, taking and editing screen snapshots. Although Microsoft Publisher is designed to do these tasks, it is interesting to be aware that many tasks can be done in Paint.
Excel (Spread sheets) 1, 2, 3, 4 Excel 2003/2010 8 weeks $35.00 each
Very useful for keeping track of your money. Develop a budget. Handle data, make graphs of your power bills, expenses, income, rosters, forms, - the list goes on! Present professional looking balance sheets.
Draw MS Word 6 weeks $35.00
This is a programme we all have, but few know how to use it. It is not a programme in itself, but can be accessed through Word, Publisher etc. The cost includes a colour printed manual by Neal Utting from the Hamilton club.
Power Point 1, 2, 3 Power Point 4 weeks each $20.00 each
This is designed as a presentation programme, or for sharing pictures or animated text. How to share a seminar presentation in a professional manner.
Apple Computing      
Most of the above courses can be completed on our Apple Computer.
Ipad2 (Currently 2 levels)     $20.00 
This course is designed to get you going, and to ensure you get the best out of your purchase, and are aware of the endless applications available to download at very reasonable prices.
Movie Maker   2-3 weeks $20.00 each
This enables you to present a slide show with animation and captions in an interesting professional manner.

If you have a particular project, have a word with one of the Committee and it can be arranged.